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Our Approach

Design as a Tool

We use design to 1) analyze social issues, 2) generate ideas and 3) refine our proposals.

The Common Thread: Systems-Thinking

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simplify the complex

Social impact issues involve complex relationships, unspoken obstacles, powerful forces and human incentives. We want to decipher these using visuals.

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ask the right questions

Existing information and initiatives establish critical context about culture, behavior, and the success/failure of models. We use a careful balance of both experimentation and criticism to set the tone for our investigation.

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plant, don't plan

Self-sufficient community-driven strategies emerge when a foundation is laid for all efforts to thrive. We don't create additive solutions - we want to help acheive a level of genuine equity by reworking or newly designing underlying frameworks.

Big Ideas for Small Places

We're combining design and systems-thinking for positive community change.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Innovation and expertise must push and pull each other. We want to create dynamic teams for change. This can only happen if multiple sectors collaborate - an inherent part of systems-thinking.

You can collaborate with our collective in two ways:

the dugout

Become an ally. Contribute your expertise to projects. Exercise your "big-picture" muscles by participating in brainstorming sessions. No-strings-attached.

the field

Become an official partner by teaming up with us to collectively secure financing and execute portions of a project.