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Reaching Equity

Riding and waiting for the bus is disproportionately more unpleasant in Chicago's neglected neighborhoods. Ironically, this is exactly where bus routes trace former bustling corridors on the west and south sides.

A bus tracker could be simple catalyst for community self-reliance by connecting residents that wait at bus stops with nearby storefront businesses.

The Proposal

Installing bus trackers in storefronts within a block of a bus stop offers arrival times for peace of mind, provides another option for shelter, and allows residents to interact with neighbor-owned businesses.

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current shelters with bus tracker displays are located at major intersections, not prioritizing residents
relationship diagram

While some business storefronts install displays in established neighborhoods, the displays actually act as a catalyst in neglected neighborhoods.

cyclical diagram

This simple action can bring neighbor-owned business activity back to these struggling areas and drive residential infill by encouraging community-driven self-reliance.

hub diagram

Call for Storefronts

If you own/rent a storefront business in Chicago, in an area in need of economic and community development, be part of our simple but meaningful project. Apply here.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. existing internet connection
  2. located on a main arterial street in Chicago
  3. located within 50 yards of a CTA bus stop
  4. storefront with visibility both inside and outside the store
  5. an owner who is involved and connected with the community
  6. allow people to browse, pro-actively chat with potential customers, understand they may not buy immediately
  7. an open mind - be part of fresh, evolving pilot project with goals to replicate to other areas

What You Get:

  1. a free display screen or laptop (donated condition)
  2. posters/signs directing bus riders to your store


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Powerful Questions

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We are looking for a graphic designer, builder for the display housing prototype, and apprentices who want to develop related skills. Please email us for more information.