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What is "Changemaking"



We all want to live meaningful lives. Most of us want equity, however you define it. At the same time, the words "social impact" and "innovation" are being thrown around a lot these days. How might we better define "changemaking" such that it's not just another piece of jargon?



With such a new sector, everyone's trying something different - and that's great. But let's not limit what it could look like. Let's leave opportunities for new methods to achieve social change.



Our commitment to systems-thinking demands us to investigate root causes. With this in mind, our interview questions for users are shaped by some foundational questions that we ask ourselves as a team.

  • Which issues are often addressed? (poverty, corporate greed, human rights, transit ...)
  • Who is seen as responsible for making change? (government, nonprofits, activists ...)
  • What medium is used? (policy, technology, art, journalism, protest, capitalism ...)
  • Which strategies are most effective? What does "effective" even mean?
  • How is impact being measured? Who is doing the measuring? Are we learning and improving strategies based on those measurements?
  • What responsibility do funders/philanthropists have to make sure their money is being put to good use and not just being used? Can reporting requirements become more sophisticated?


We consider ourselves active participants in the social impact world, but there is never a straightforward answer to what "changemaking" really is. For true progress to occur, we think it's important to encourage this discussion.

systems diagram


Based on our research, we brainstormed numerous ideas/features for our proposed solution. They ranged from producing a toolkit to visually diagramming case studies.

The design direction we took prioritized anecdotal accounts.



We see this project taking various forms. First up: people profiles! We are having changemaking chats and starting local, in our homebase of Chicago.

No matter who you are or what you do, eventually it crosses all of our minds, even if for a second: "Why was I put on this earth, and how can I make the most of it?"

This question can be both motivating and frightening.

  • Are we doing our part by raising a well-rounded child in a loving family?
  • By regularly volunteering for a cause that interests you?
  • By offering your skills to help tackle a social issue?
  • Or simply by living your life as an upstanding citizen of the world?

We want to explore what changemaking means to different people from different backgrounds.

Here's our first installment:

Please contact us about how to get involved.