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Neighbor-Driven Grocery Pricing

Reaching Equity

Countless initiatives address food justice in low-income areas. At the same time, the good food and local food movements are thriving in wealthier neighborhoods.

We can lay the groundwork to fix this imbalance.

Thanks to those who are part of our Innovator's Dugout:

The Proposal

This project aggregates demand for locally-sourced, high-quality groceries.

On the supply side, residents input information, knowing the information will come back to benefit them directly.

On the demand side, local suppliers and farmers can pinpoint volume data to expand their business and distribution.

concept diagram
concept diagram

Collecting Pricing Data

We are collecting this grocery demand pricing data at the hyperlocal level using a simple online form, eight items at a time, in Chicago neighborhoods.

If you are interested in contributing your own data, please follow this link. We will enter each household into a raffle to win an iPad!

We're currently collecting data on the items below. You can contribute your data to any of these batches by clicking on the link.

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impact diagram

Powerful Questions

Want to collaborate on this project? Join our collective. Become a partner.

We are looking for a graphic designer, a web developer, a database developer, and apprentices who want to develop these skills. Please email us for more information.

Project News

We are honored that a previous version of this project was picked as a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change Professional Fellowship, sponsored by Worldstudio and AIGA. Click here to see our project featured on their site as well as the other finalists and funded projects! Thanks to the jury for the recongnition.