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Equitable Transit Options

Reaching Equity

Chicago's transit system is not equitable.

Infrastructural improvements and maintenance favor areas of the city more frequented by tourists.

New train lines should only be planned if improving the bus system and fixing the transit card system are addressed at the very same time.


This map mimics a "heat map" showing areas of the city serviced by train stations and/or train lines within a 1/2-mile (the maximum reasonable walking distance is about 12 min). The more intense the color, the more train station/line options there are to choose from.

The bus lines are underlaid to show "cool" zones, or areas which are only serviced by buses, if at all.

transit options heat map
We plan to add a layer showing population density coded by income levels, highlighting specific income levels within the transit option radii.

A person unfamiliar with Chicago would assume from this transit system that:

These assumptions are inaccurate to various degrees.


For a more equitable transit system, we recommend:

  1. Creating pedestrian-friendly and retail-dense corridors between areas where there is only one train line/station option.
  2. Prioritizing bus service maintenance, technology and design for the "cool" zones which are completely reliant on buses.
  3. Planning new lines/stations/economic development for low-income areas that need more overall activity.

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