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Achieving the American Dream through Co-ops

Reaching Equity

We are living in a society that champions home ownership but offers only one main route to get there. And for the majority - it's unaffordable.

Cooperatives allow its members to invest in property affordably and to, when desired, have real, human interaction with neighbors amidst a world of isolation and digital distraction.

Thanks to those who are part of our Innovator's Dugout:


We Create Tools to Better Understand the Idea & Process behind Forming Housing Cooperatives

We believe housing co-ops have the power to address serious housing issues we're facing as a culture. But the co-op movement needs a contemporary nudge. A design touch? A hip angle? We are proposing a more proactive, design-focused campaign that embraces other relevant sectors - including affordable housing, community & economic development, policy, real estate, and technology. It needs a marketing strategy and tools to make it easier for people to start exploring.

We hope some of the these tools will help you in exploring housing co-ops!

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Online Guides

Throughout our journey, we've learned some tips and tricks. We wanted to share these with everyone through two free guides. We hope they're helpful.

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Breaking Stereotypes: Co-ops are Probably Not What You Think

Cooperative housing is an affordable housing option that is not well-known and shrouded in myths. In fact, it is a model that allows you to own/invest in more than a home.

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Group Compatability Tool

Fireplace is a tool we're developing to help groups of people evaluate their own group of people. It makes the daunting process of involving others easier by understanding important information about each other from the beginning. Sign up for updates or become a beta tester!

Personalized Vision Boards

A vision board is a good starting point to get your unique vision out of your head and onto paper. This is useful to show potential co-op members to immediately see which values/goals are shared. If you need help, this is a service we offer!

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vision board
vision board

Other Efforts to Reframe

Powerful Questions

Want to collaborate on this project? Join our team. Become a partner.

Individuals curious about housing cooperatives can participate in our next round of user-testing.

We are also looking for a back-end developer with an interest in affordable housing alternatives. We'd also like to join forces with existing cooperatives or affordable housing organizations to spark interest and foster understanding. Please contact us at your convenience.

Project News

We some of our projects at the annual Co-ops and Communities event hosted by CCLF and NASCO on Saturday, June 27, 2015. Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback! Check out the agenda and stay tuned for this year's event.