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Redefining Suburbia

Reaching Equity

Despite our love for cities, we cannot forget about the suburbs.

With more of our nation's poor being driven to the suburbs, we need to focus on a new model that encourages human connection, vitality and culture - not sameness, conformity or convention.

The suburbs were designed for the car, not the human being. As a result, the physical development of suburban commercial areas bear a striking resemblance across the country. When the idea of "walking around" is unheard of in the suburbs, something needs to change.

typical corridor illustrations

Simple shifts can encourage suburban development that's less isolating, less car-dependent, and values human dignity. Instead of traffic being a measure of vitality, the visible measurement is human activity.

systems diagram

The Proposal

By using human-scaled values as the foundation for a new development framework, the next generation of robust suburbs will evolve.

Key Components:


Create zones with irresistible jobs and opportunities for locals. Allow zone to expand with the same density of opportunities.

Powerful Questions

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